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PolygonCount / YT:CountPolygon
United States
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An amateur 3D model artist!

I take model commissions! If you are interested, please read the info here:…

You cannot commission models unless you create them from scratch in a 3D modeling software.
editing parts in PMDe is EDITING. not MODELING.

thus it is called PMDeditor. not PMDmodelor.
If you have any questions about how I do my work, or need some tips on how I make my models, you're welcome to ask.
You can also ask about commissions, or any other things relevant to my work in 3D models for MMD.

Please understand I have taken only one 3D modeling class which didn't teach me much, most of what I do I've learned on my own and I am by no means a professional.

The best way to learn and improve in anything, be it art, 3d modeling, singing, dancing, etc. is to research it, and practice it a lot.
I've made well over 50 models, so I practice a lot and still have very much to learn.

F. A. Q.

How much is a model commission?
That depends on what you're after! Please read my commission information journal here:
- Please see newest journal
if you ask randomly, and tell me to wait, I may forget about your commission completely. and you'll have to remind me otherwise I might put someone else on the list in front of you because I get confused! @ v @
updated commissions.
This information can change at any given time. please check before you send a commission request.
***If you are interested in a full model commission, please read ALL of the following information****:
By commissioning, you agree to follow my terms of service, and rules I set for my models
-PolygonCount can refuse a commission at any given time, with partial or full refund
-Half of the payment is requested up front, the remaining amount must be sent before you receive any files
-Other means of payment can be negotiated
-PolygonCount will complete your model within a reasonable amount time (

Why did you start 3D modeling?
It all started when Vocaloid first came out. I really liked Vocaloids a lot, and then MMD came along, and then I saw people editing models into their characters
"oh wow, cool! I wanna do that!"
but I never learned how to edit models using parts and the PMDe software. I then saw Nukude's Furry model edits and even though I had no anthro characters, it absolutely blew my mind. It was amazing, and then I saw all these UTAU! People made their own characters with models and their VOICES! It was the coolest thing! Then some way or another I stumbled across Metasequoia, and inspired by Nukude's models and UTAUloids everywhere, I decided to try and make my own.
Since early 2011 I've been working in metasequoia model after model, trying my best to improve my skills.
I've since made many friends and found my love of 3D modeling nd hope to some day pursue it as a career, or at least continue it as commissions and as a hobby.

Basically. I got into modeling. because I had no idea how to use PMDe to edit them or find the right parts for my characters.

What Program Do you use?:
I use a registered version Metasequoia 3.14
You can no longer purchase registration keys for this program.
However they have released Meta 4, a redeisgned and perhaps more begginer-friendly-looking version of Metasequoia.
It works the same, if not better.
You can download Metasequoia here:

Where did you learn to model?
I started building stuff out of primitives, like spheres. Then someone uttered the words "3D Modeling topology" and I searched images on google, and have since tried to imitate the topology of models I've seen online.

What tools in meta do you use?
I use the 'create' tool to create faces, I model using a method I believe my professor called 'Point modeling'
where you create each and every face that builds the model's shape.
From there I use the Magnet, move, scale, knife tools and more.

How do you Texture your models?
I export my model in separated parts (body, clothes, hair and head each their own .obj files separately)
and use Unfold3D to UV map my models.
I re-import these objects back into metasequoia, export the texture map into a .bmp, .tga, or .png and color them in Photoshop.
You can uv map in Metasequoia, but I was never able to get the Unwrap plugin to work for me.
Unfold3D you will have to find yourself as I cannot provide any download link for it.

Whats wrong with your arms/hands, some form of injury? 
Does this cause a delay in commission availability?
You may have seen me mention my arms and hands, or some related injury.
As for a definite diagnosis, I do not know what is exactly wrong with them, played the guessing game with several different doctors before it became far too expensive to investigate any further to determine the cause and find the appropriate treatment.
Because of this sometimes the pain flares up and I am unable to work for a majority of the day, or up to a few days. I cannot afford to go to the doctor any more for it, so I try to manage the pain by resting on days it hurts too much to work.
This occasionally interferes with commissions, and often influences my decision as to whether or not t open or close commissions.
If I am working with you on a commission, I will let you know if I am unable to work due to this issue, and if it will slow me down significantly or not. I apologize if this causes any inconvenience. 

Who Rigs your models for MMD?
Initially, my friend MMDFakewings18 did a majority of the rigging and physics for my models. However since he is busy and is no longer actively part of the community, I have learned to do some basic rigging and physics for my models.
Pokeluver223 is the wonderful person who helps me fix my rigging in my models and give them much better physics.
Though this does not necessarily he will rig models for you, unless he so desires. Please do not chase him down solely to rig models for you unless he openly states that he is willing to do so.
He is by no means obligated to rig any of my models, be they personal or commission. Therefor I can only guarantee a .pmd file of your model with its textures ready for rigging and use in MMD, and not fully rigged models with physics.

Do you take Requests/Suggestions?
Because of how much time and effort goes into making these models, I do not take requests or suggestions.

Why don't you make copyrighted characters?
I don't take copyrighted characters from anime/games/etc. on commission. if I do it is extremely rare.
I just have more fun making original characters for individuals who express a love for their creations.
Any characters from anime or games you see in my gallery are mostly likely personal models I myself really wanted to create.

How long does it take for you to finish a model?
It takes about 7 hours to make a new body mesh and texture it
From here I usually work on a model from start to finish for prolonged periods of time. I tend to work without breaks from the moment I wake up, until I go to sleep or am forced to stop due to wrist pain from some form of RSI I have been dealing with the past year.
It takes about 3 days to a week or so to finish a model depending upon its complexity.
This does not include rigging or physics for the model.
Sometimes I wonder if all this work is worth the amount I charge.

Why don't you provide free parts or bases to the community?
There are plenty of available parts and pieces in the MMD community.
I personally do not provide bases or any parts because I specifically take commissions to specially customize a model to fit your character as close as possible.
If I were to release freely editable bases and parts, I would be unable to take commissions, which is really my only form of income.

Why don't you allow edits of ANY of your models?
Same as what is stated in the previous answer.
And because most of my models are commissions, it would be unfair to have one user pay for a model, and then I turn around and allow other people to edit their commissioned character model, into other characters without charge. Its unfair don't you think?

Why don't you openly distribute most/all of your models?
Similar to the previous answer as well.
Most of these models are commissioned, and I leave the distribution up to the owner of the character, and ask that they share it only with their close friends.
Mainly because I fear many of the users in the community do not follow rules.
If people were to edit my models and disregard my rules, I would likely see a decline in commissions and thus have virtually no means of earning money.
Also, a lot o models here in my gallery are Works in Progress.

What about your Aoba model?
Aoba, a character from dramatical murder, and his companion model Ren (his puppy allmate) are both works in progress.
Though Ren is essentially finished, Aoba has many rigging issues and I feel his quality is now inferior to that of models I could create now.
I would consider sharing him, if he were rigged decently.

And unfortunately I likely will not be finishing my Clear model, or making any of the other characters.

Trades for models?
Though this is somewhat uncommon, I am willing to do trades for a model.

Trading for tangible, physical objects:
I would trade for anime figures (even if they're slightly damaged), anime merchandise, and recently I have taken an interest in Amiibos and would possibly consider making a model for those.
Trading for physical objects would have to be shipped to my home or a relative's home.
I am an avid collector of figures and toys, and other related anime/video game merchandise. If you have some junk sitting around you don't want, I may consider doing a model commission for it in exchange, so you're welcome to mention it.

Items I be interested in:
Action figures (Figma, Revoltech, SH Figuarts, Play Arts)
Coin figurmerchandize

figures, static figurines, miscellaneous merchandizemerchandize.

Specific items:
- Figma #246 a or b - Figma Plus - Horse (Chesnut or White)
- Fire Emblem: Kakusei - Lucina - Figma #245
- Yowamushi Pedal - Onoda Sakamichi - Figma #238
- Hunter x Hunter - Kurapika - Figma #194
- Hunter x Hunter - Killua Zoldyck - Figma #182
- Hunter x Hunter - Gon Freecss - Figma #181
- Fate/Zero - Saber - Figma #126 - Zero ver.
- Bakemonogatari - Nisemonogatari - Araragi Karen - Figma #155
- Metroid: Other M - Samus Aran - Figma #133
- Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS - Erio Mondial - Figma - 087
- Revoltech Raiden figure
- SH Figuarts Lelouch
- Gundam/Code Geass//full metal panic/etc. Mecha model kits
- Any Miku/VOCALOID figma
- junk/damaged figma or nendoroids.
- Tales of Xillia (1 & 2) Merchandise (excluding ALTER figures I own those)
- Tales of ... any tales of game merch is awesome

Anime merchandise including, but not limited to
- Fullmetal Alchemist
- Full metal Panic
- Code Geass
- Gundam Wing
- Cyborg 009/Kamen Rider/Kikaider (Ishinimori Productions)
- Dragon Quest
- Neon Genesis Evangelion
- Black Jack/Astro Boy (any Tezuka Productions things)
- Yatterman/Casshern (Tatsunoko Productions)
- D. gray man
- Metal Gear

Trading for digital artwork/etc.:
I do draw a lot, so I may be a bit more selective as to who I mad be willing to do an art trade with. But if you have a style I like a lot, or do very nice quality work I may express my interest to you when I am approached for a commission.

Currently, I would GLADLY do an art trade for a new drawing tablet (a large size of around 9 x 12)
I would give multiple models  (and artwork if interested in drawings as well) to do my best to equate the value of my work to the price of the tablet, as my tablet is currently on the verge of death.

Will you teach me how to make a model?
If you mean one on one screensharing, that's not something I really feel like doing.
I do occasionally upload tutorials whenever I feel like it (though only have like.2?)
There are plenty of tutorials here on Deviantart, and online.
I learned how to do all of this myself by trial and error, practice and experiencing it all for myself.
If you ask me, all Ill tell you is:
"I use Meta. Google topology and go from there"
Now, if you come to me asking a specific question (how do you export as a .pmd? How do I mirror the model?) I'll happily answer your specific questions individually.

Please do not be afraid to ask, but also please do not expect me to teach you all of it. as there is TONS of it to know, and its easier to learn with experience rather than me trying to explain to you all these confusing things about inverted faces and weird vertices and what not. But ask away if you think I can help you. But please, I am not Google. xD


If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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TKGhoul-NaruSaku Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015  Hobbyist Interface Designer
haa~ why most great MMD modeller commission are closed T_T , is there any date when you will re open? I think ur work is awsome even without proper education :o
Angry-Moth-Noises Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Professional General Artist
YO! I would love to do an art trade with you. (trade for a model) But if your to busy or not interested let me know. I love the Church model you did and I have another character. (two actually but you can choose who. One has a body the same shape as Church's)

Let me know!
PolygonCount Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
Currently school has me incredibly busy. However, you are most welcome to continue asking on the off chance you'll catch me when Ive got a decent amount of downtime. Just shoot me a note every one in a while. I love your art, I would LOVE to do an art trade with you! :la:
Angry-Moth-Noises Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Professional General Artist
All right cool! Yeah school can make you busy. You still have me on skype so if you remember when you are ready you can message me on there as well.
ALEXY333 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
Where can I download your Karomori Model ;3;
PolygonCount Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015
He's currently not available for download. Sorry!
RMPSI Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015
God, I missed your birthday ;A;

Happy LAAAAATE birthday
2234083174 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday :3
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Happy birthday, hun! hope you have the best day and hope you get all the love you can get!~Heart Have your cake and eat it too 
Waltervd Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
happy b-day polygoncount :D!
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