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PolygonCount / YT:CountPolygon
United States
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An amateur 3D model artist!

I take model commissions! If you are interested, please read the info here:…

You cannot commission models unless you create them from scratch in a 3D modeling software.
editing parts in PMDe is EDITING. not MODELING.

thus it is called PMDeditor. not PMDmodelor.
- Jewel full model -  Planty-P (base started)
- Hair - x89FlamingHearts  (no progress)
- Corgi head model - DestinyFailsUs (no progress)
- FNAF oc models (2) - Waltervd(no progress)

if you ask randomly, and tell me to wait, I may forget about your commission completely. and you'll have to remind me otherwise I might put someone else on the list in front of you because I get confused! @ v @

updated commissions.
This information can change at any given time. please check before you send a commission request.

If you are interested in a full model commission, please read all of the following information:

By commissioning, you agree to follow my terms of service, and rules I set for my models

-PolygonCount can refuse a commission at any given time, with partial or full refund
-Half of the payment is requested up front, the remaining amount must be sent before you receive any files
-Other means of payment can be negotiated
-PolygonCount will complete your model within a reasonable amount time (within 1-2 weeks) unless specified otherwise
-PolygonCount is not a professional and has had no formal education for 3D modeling, however I shall do my best to produce models of the highest quality I am capable of!
-if you cannot pay for the model, your commission will be cancelled, and the model will be scrapped.

The following rules, and more apply to all PolygonCount Original Parts and Models, their textures and any other associated files:
-Not for commercial use
-No adult (18+) usage with the models
-Credit PolygonCount for the model
-Credit the Original Creator of the character for utau/character.
-No editing 
-No Redistribution
-No taking parts from the model
-No taking texture maps from the model
-No 'trading' the model
-MMD only
-Must remain as it's initial, original character at all times. 
-Not to be edited into any other character
-Not to be used for any monetary gain (dA points, Gaia Gold, or any other virtual or real currency)

-By requesting a commission, PolygonCount will assume you have read all of the information in this journal.

My models are created in Metasequoia, Photoshop CS5 & Unfold3d
These models can usually be rigged for any 3d model software, including Blender and MMD.

ONLY take paypal

I charge for MODELING.
I sell Polygonal forms created in the 3d modeling software Metasequoia.
-what a commissioner receives is a fully 100% ORIGINAL model. created 100% by PolygonCount.

You absolutely cannot commission/sell/charge for models that have been made using edited parts from other models because they are not 100% original created by the seller.
I charge for MODELING, not 'edited models made from parts by other modelers'. I model every single bit from scratch MYSELF.
More information regarding MMD's rules as far as COMMISSIONING models goes:
MikuMiku Dance info- Pt.1 COMMISSIONS by MMDFakewings18

Prices -

Individual parts:

Full model options are listed below. 
Prices are listed from Lowest to Highest options

Simple objects: $5
PolygonCount's Steel toe Boots by PolygonCount
shoes, microphones, wands, cute chibi wings, anything you want. (a more detailed Complex object: $8)
can be UV mapped and/or material colors.

Hair Options

Simple Hair: $8
Short hair, or anything easier to model, fully UV mapped. can be all one mesh or multiple, separated strands.
Tsuda's New hair - Commission by PolygonCount  PAWLIGAWNKAUWNT by PolygonCount


Complex hair: $10
Long hair, or really detailed hair, fully UV mapped. Can be all one mesh or multiple separated strands. Can also have Transparent ends
Clear & Aoba hair by PolygonCount

Clothes Options

Simple Clothes: $12
a Full outfit of a top and bottom, including shoes. Fully UV mapped
I'm learning things by PolygonCount  Tsuda model Commission: Cute Jacket Outfit by PolygonCount Cute Fluffy Dress Commission by PolygonCount


Complex Outfit: $18
a Full outfit of a top and bottom, including shoes + LAYERED clothing (jackets etc.) dangly tassels and belt loopy things and plenty of accessories. Fully UV mapped.
 Tsuda Model Commission by PolygonCount Rhenn Derring 2.0 edit by PolygonCount Guren Nataku's Outfit - Commission by PolygonCount

Head: $12
a fully modeled head, with working eyes and a mouth. 
A head can be ANY animal, ANY style, just specify in advance. Will be fully UV mapped. 
-Please specify if you want teeth & tongue
-a head does not come with hair.
-can be modeled to fit on a body created by another modeler, as long as the other modeler has allowed edits to their model's body
-facial morphs can be added for no charge 
(however a charge will be applied to extra facials that require separate modeling like sweatdrops and angry veins, exclamation point, question mark, tears, blush. etc. or Bonus facials)
Vixen Head by PolygonCount Rhenn Head by PolygonCount Fire Inus Head by PolygonCount Akifumi Head by PolygonCount
Sazi Head by PolygonCount Gizmo head by PolygonCount Kabe Head by PolygonCount Ryuu Head by PolygonCount
Eon Head by PolygonCount Kendaman Head by PolygonCount Hagane Hey Head by PolygonCount Aoba Seragaki Head by PolygonCount

Full Model Options:

Chibi Model: $25
Usually nenderoid style, but can be whatever you want.
-Hair (simple/complex)
-Outfit (simple/complex)
-Accessories (simple/complex)
-Teeth & tongue (specify if you want them)
-Fully UV mapped
-Facial morphs can be added for no charge 
(however a charge may be applied to extra facials that require separate modeling like sweatdrops and angry veins, exclamation point, question mark, tears, blush. etc.)

UTAUxMMD Newcomer Model: Karomori Nendoroid by PolygonCount MMD -Smoooooch by MeoRoo

Base Model: $50
This includes a full body mesh & head, fully UV mapped and textured + Facial morphs if so desired.
Can be male, female, human, furry, anything you want. Underwear/shorts will be TEXTURED on. if you want them separately modeled, please tell me in advance.
-Hair (simple/complex)
-Teeth & tongue (specify if you want them)
-Fully UV mapped
-Facial morphs can be added for no charge 
(however a charge may be applied to extra facials that require separate modeling like sweatdrops and angry veins, exclamation point, question mark, tears. etc.)

My models will be like barbie dolls, and won't have of those lady or boy bits. if you want those, you'll have to commission a different artist to create a model for you. As my models are not for 18+ material, there is no need for them to be anatomically correct.
Seras Model Commission (WIP) by PolygonCount  Tsuda Model Commission by PolygonCount  Pascal Model (Work in progress) by PolygonCount  Nukude Model WIP by PolygonCount  
Rhenn Derring 3.0 Base by PolygonCount Karomori Full base by PolygonCount Iz Model Commission by PolygonCount Eon Full Base by PolygonCount

Full Model: $75+
This includes:
-full base model
-clothes (simple/complex)
-hair (simple/complex)
-Teeth & tongue (specify if you want them)
-Fully UV mapped
-Facial morphs can be added for no charge 
(however a charge may be applied to extra facials that require separate modeling like sweatdrops and angry veins, exclamation point, question mark, tears. etc.)
Skiploid Full Model by PolygonCount  Eon Model Commission by PolygonCount Rhenn Derring 3.0 Full Model by PolygonCount

Tsuda Model Commission by PolygonCount Tsuda model Commission: Cute Jacket Outfit by PolygonCount Nukude Full Model by PolygonCount

This option is cheaper than buying all the parts listed above separately.
Price varies depending upon character complexity.

Rigging Options:

PolygonCount knows only how to do facial expressions, and basic rigging and physics.
As such, I may be unable to offer more complex physics or extensive edits. however, I have a friend who may be willing to assist if you don't mind being patient and waiting for them to help!

MODEL Commission request form:

Please give me the following information about the character you want me to model:

Model type: Full($75)/Base($50)/Chibi($25)
Height: (relative to Animasa Miku/Kaito/Len/Rin models)
Description of body build: Dainty, girly, chubby, masculine, fit, slim, skinny (Or example of models like Animasa/LAT Miku)
Asymmetry: Things that make model asymmetrical. Scars/Hairstyle/Prosthetic limbs/Torn Ear?
Special Markings: tattoos, scars, body markings (are these symmetrical or asymmetrical?)
-do you want specific facial expressions?
-do you want the model to have a certain style to it? (more/less anime/etc.)
Reference image:
-full body, full color reference image please

Ortho sketches
-You can draw a front and back view for me to model around, or I can draw it based on your first reference image.
example: Sora Ortho By Ragey by PolygonCount 
The main features (eyes mouth nose etc.) line up horizontally in such an image, and perspective is virtually nonexistent.


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Hope your hands are okay!
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